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After receiving healing sessions from a Shamanic Practicioner for years, I began taking workshops at Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I have completed their Two Week Intensive, Healing Training Program and all prerequisites. I have also completed the first year of their three year program. 

However, my first experience with a Shaman was in Hawaii in 2008, when I studied La'au Lapa'au from Kahuna Kumu Leina'ala. When healing a conflict or sickness with traditional Hawaiian methods, multiple levels are addressed. These include a spiritual level, a physical level and an inter/intra personal level. 

From there, in 2009, I began studying the spiritual cosmology of Kamit. I continue to read and practice the meditations shared by Ra Un Nefer Amen through his Metu Neter series. In 2018, I completed and continue to practice the initiations he had shared in the Ausar-Auset Society.

I am not a cultural Shaman and prefer the title Shamanic Practitioner out of respect for cultural Shamans. 


I am here to help you claim what is rightfully yours, and provide you with the spiritual medicine necessary along your healing journey. 

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