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My name is Theresa Ausar

My first experience with a Shaman was in Hawaii in 2008, when I studied La'au Lapa'au from Kahuna Kumu Leina'ala and lived with her for two weeks. When healing a conflict or sickness with traditional Hawaiian methods, multiple levels are addressed. These include a spiritual level, a physical level and an inter/intra personal level. These levels of healing continued to intrigue me and, after La'au Lapa'au, I built on this knowledge with both shamanism training and an M.S. in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.  

Another interest of mine that I've been studying since 2009 is the spiritual cosmology of Kamit. I continue to read and practice the meditations shared by Ra Un Nefer Amen through his Metu Neter series. In 2018, I completed and continue to practice the initiations he had shared in the Ausar-Auset Society.

I have been training in shamanism since 2020 through the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. I have completed their Two Week Intensive, Healing Training Program and all prerequisites. I have also completed the first year of their Three Year Advanced Initiations program. 

I am not a cultural Shaman and prefer the title Shamanic Practitioner out of respect for cultural Shamans. Although I have many interests, through my shamanic healing sessions, I only offer Core Shamanism methods. 


I am here to help you claim what is rightfully yours, and provide you with the spiritual medicine necessary along your healing journey. 

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