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Zoom: $105 | In Person: $170

I offer tailored healing sessions while working closely with participants. Often, participants may also be seeing a therapist or medical doctor; my services work in tandem with those of healthcare professionals, not in place of. Participants may find that something that came up in therapy is something we can work through with shamanic healing. 

A Shamanic Healing Session is guided by fully compassionate helping spirits and may include extraction, power animal retrieval, soul retrieval, psychopomp or more. The session begins by removing what does not belong and replacing what does belong. 

I enjoy offering series of healings where we meet every couple of weeks to address the healing with a new frame as the process builds on itself. The spiral of healing unravels and we arrive at the same place in a new way. 


Removing spiritual localized intrusions

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Bringing you a fully purified, fully evolved helping spirit who wishes to assist you at this moment in your life. These helping spirits can help protect from bad luck or sickness.



Bringing in your soul portion which may be stuck in a certain time or space for a variety of reasons. These soul portions can help you to move forward in life more complete and empowered.

Image by David Monje


Guiding the spirit of a person who has passed away through their transition out of the middle world.

Image by Mathias P.R. Reding

Ethical Considerations

I do not divinate on behalf of, or for information regarding, anyone other than the person who has given me informed consent. I can always work with you to reframe your questions to focus on you. 

I do not send power or healing to anyone who has not given me informed consent. 


I do not involve helping spirits in any interactions unless given explicit permission. This includes with people, places, or things. For example, if I want to send healing to a place, I ask permission from the soul of that place etc. and then I ask helping spirits if there is a way to send power to that place without violating the autonomy of any souls interacting with or who are a part of that place. 

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