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Sandy, CA

"Theresa has a depth of insight combined with a comprehensive attunement to spirit that resonates and heals with dramatic and potent effectiveness. 
I have received healings from many shamanic practitioners. Theresa outshined them all." 

Kelly, NY

"Each time I have worked with Theresa to address a particular ailment or struggle, she has approached the work with remarkable integrity, generosity, compassion, and sincerity. Theresa presents with such softness and humility, one might be surprised when they experience the potency of her healing work! She's truly a powerful healer and one who honors the sacred source of those blessings."

Cynthia, NY

"Theresa is a powerful healer, she is dedicated, thoughtful and kind. She helped me through a difficult period in my life, and gave so much of herself in the healing process. I’ve been seeing her for over a month and she also did a home clearing. I feel empowered and my home is peaceful. I’m grateful to her and the helping spirits." 
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